Business Listing Setup

Google is the biggest search engine to have your business listed on, we provide a service to create your business listed correctly, optimally and verified as soon as possible to start appearing on Google. We want to work with you and have your business listing be one of the most popular. However, we do not give false promises to cement your listing as number one as this is only possible through shady practices which can result in your business being suspended or banned from Google. We strictly follow Google guidelines and grow your listing organically.

Social Media Setup

We offer the service of creating your Social Media page(s) of your desire, we also may advise which platform may be the best for your business. Depending on the platform, we will apply, adjust, or create images for the pages. Also, add the information of your business within these pages and details to make your business discoverable online.

Website Design

We design and build WordPress sites for each client to understand their business objectives and develop an elegant website you and your prospective clients will love on all devices. We work closely with each client to understand their business objectives and develop a website solution that will not only work with their current needs but also grow with their business and with initial SEO setup.

Organic Marketing

We can organically advertise your business through your Business Listing and/or Social Media pages that promotes your business or craft. This can be achieved through posting quality content, engagement activities, offers, hashtags, etc. We will discuss how to make this possible, also the frequency of the posts.

Social Media Manager

We understand that most small businesses and self-employed do not wish to focus on the day-to-day managing of the Business Listing and Social Media pages. This can involve updating information, responding to comments, questions, reviews, etc. It is important to show that your business is active on these platforms. A monthly report on the performance of your business listing and social media platforms will also be sent to you.